Why Bees?

It all started over 10 years ago. A co-worker told us that his dad had beehives and that he sold honey. I probably bought honey from him for 3 years. Then, another co-worker told me how he helped his daughter to extract the honey from her beehive. That sounded fascinating and I started to watch videos on YouTube here and there.

A few years later, maybe around 2015, I heard about Flow Hives. It seemed interesting; though I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I participated in their Indiegogo campaign. To tell you the truth, I never fully used their setup.

At the end of 2016, I started watching a lot more videos on YouTube and I ordered all the equipment I needed including a package of bees with a Queen. Around February of the following year, I took a class at my local bee store but nothing could prepare me to the day we went to pick up our bee package.

I was so nervous, I was going to have 10,000 bees inside my car (think about that for a moment). And, I didn't want to mess up on the beehive setup. Here is the video of our first hive installation:

We got honey the first year, and it survived the 1st winter. Once the 2nd year started, we had to do something about the growing beehive. If nothing is done, the beehive will swarm; the queen bee will take half of the beehive with her and they will find a new home. The other half of the beehive stays and raise their queen.

We split the beehive into 3, but unfortunately they died before the 2nd winter started. It happens sometimes. Now. we are entering in or 5th year. Our beehives died again but we just ordered 2 packages of bees for the Spring. I can't wait to share that video!

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